Axel Schulz verliert gegen Brian Minto…

Zumindest in meinem Fight, den ich mit Title Bout simuliert habe.
Hier der Kampf:

Round 1
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The bell sounds and this fight is underway! 0:0
0:07 Schulz moves into the right corner. 0:0
0:07 Both fighters are exchanging blows! Minto scored more on that exchange. 3:2
0:20 Minto slides into his own corner… 3:2
0:24 Schulz misses with the jab. He lets go with a left and that fails to find its mark, too. 3:2
0:27 Minto scores with a jolting uppercut inside. 5:2
0:43 Schulz is flicking the jab, trying to keep Brian Minto at long range. 5:2
0:52 Schulz lands a devastating hook! 5:6
0:52 Minto is hurt! 5:6
01:01 Both fighters are staying cautious, and keeping out of range. 5:6
01:16 Minto swings…and misses. 5:6
01:19 Schulz goes to the head and the body, though neither punch had much on it. 5:8
01:41 Schulz is literally dancing circles around Minto this round. 5:8
01:49 The fighters are back at ring center… 5:8
01:54 Minto forces his way inside. 5:8
01:58 Schulz’s fans are here in force tonight, cheering everything he does. 5:8
02:09 Schulz misses. He had an opening and whiffed with the punch. 5:8
02:11 Minto rips off a nice right-left combination to the head. 7:8
02:21 Minto tries to push Schulz back in an attempt to gain room to punch. 7:8
02:23 Minto glances a hook off Schulz’s side. 9:8
02:36 Schulz bangs the uppercut home. 9:10
02:49 Schulz lands a strong hook! 9:14
02:49 Minto is staggered… 9:14
02:58 Both fighters ought to be using their jabs more to set up their other punches this round. 9:14
03:00 Schulz can’t score with short uppercut inside. Minto got his gloves in front of the punch. 9:14
03:00 What a great round of boxing as both fighters traded heavy leather. And the crowd is letting the combatants know that they like what they’re seeing! 10:16

Round 2
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Minto looks a bit disgusted as Round 2 gets underway. 0:0
0:07 Tom Yankello seemed agitated with Minto, who stared at his shoes almost the entire minute. 0:0
0:13 Minto fires a left hand that Schulz takes high on the shoulder. 0:0
0:32 Axel Schulz scores with a tremendous left! 0:5
0:32 Minto was staggered by that punch! 0:5
0:42 Schulz is pinned in his own corner… 0:5
0:46 It’s a sweet uppercut by Minto! He snapped Schulz’s head straight back with that punch! 5:5
0:46 Schulz looks hurt… He’s stumbling backward! 5:5
0:46 * And now Schulz is bleeding from that last punch! 6:5
0:46 A cut on the inside of Schulz’s left eyebrow is trickling blood down his face. It’s following a path along his nose and around his lip but it does not appear to be getting into his eye at this point. 6:5
0:46 No fighter likes to see themself cut during a fight, let alone this early in the bout. 6:5
01:00 Minto throws a flurry of punches but Schulz either blocks or slips them. 6:5
01:11 Brian Minto wings a big left hand at Axel Schulz but the latter sidesteps the punch. 6:5
01:18 Minto gets his head on the chest of Schulz. He tries to outmuscle him on the inside. Minto scores with a nice short hook to the head. 8:5
01:18 Minto stunned Schulz with that last ripping shot and Minto’s killer instinct has kicked in. This might be his best chance at ending the fight. 8:5
01:31 Schulz picks off the jab thrown by Brian Minto. 8:5
01:42 No one is going to confuse Minto with a ballerina, but at least he isn’t just standing still. 8:5
01:46 Minto brushes the ropes and quickly spins away, heading back to ring center. 8:5
01:51 Minto misses wildly with the hook. 8:5
01:53 Both fighters are flatfooted now. Schulz blasts home a short hook to the body. 8:8
02:03 Schulz gives a nice head feint and then lands a hook to the head of Minto which made him blink. 8:10
02:20 Schulz is holding on to Brian Minto. He seems to be taking a breather. 8:10
02:25 Schulz pushes Brian Minto away. 8:10
02:34 Minto is challenging Schulz to fight him and quit clinching. 8:10
02:38 Alvarado separates the two… 8:10
02:48 Schulz slips out of a corner, as Minto attempts to trap him. 8:10
02:53 Schulz scores with a nice right cross. 8:12
03:00 Schulz is clinching… Minto is trying to free his gloves… They are under Schulz’s arms… 8:12
03:00 * The referee is cautioning Minto about leaning on the neck of his opponent. It’s a good tactic if you can get away with it because it tends to tire out the other fighter but Alvarado isn’t going to let it happen. 8:12
03:00 Both fighters have their supporters and each man is receiving a well-deserved round of applause from a pumped up crowd! 9:12

Round 3
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Shouts of encouragement for both fighters can be heard as the bell rings for Round 3. 0:0
0:07 The cut inside the left eyebrow suffered by Schulz has been closed for the time being, thanks to a great job by his cut man. 0:0
0:07 Schulz backs into the left corner. 0:0
0:07 There’s a wicked right by Brian Minto. He had some steam on that punch. 3:0
0:17 Minto lands a quick jab. He’d like to keep Schulz on the end of that punch. 5:0
0:17 That punch has reopened a cut on Schulz as once again you can see blood on the face of Axel Schulz. 5:0
0:17 There’s renewed bleeding now from the gash on the inside of Schulz’s left eyebrow and, obviously, his previous cut has been reopened. 5:0
0:17 Bleeding is part of the fight game and you hate to see it determine the outcome, but when a cut occurs this early in the fight it often plays a part in the decision. Let’s face it, judges can be influenced by the sight of blood. 5:0
0:17 * The referee appears to be jockeying for position; he’s moving more than the fighters. Apparently, he wants to get a better look at the cut above Schulz’s eye. Now, he just steps in and stops the action. Alvarado is escorting Schulz over to the ringside doctor to get an opinion on the severity of the cut. 5:0
0:17 * The referee won’t stop the fight on his own if the reason for the stoppage directly has to do with a cut or swelling; he’ll always consult the ringside doctor. And it looks like, in this case, we’re going to see some more boxing because the physician has given his okay to let the fight continue. Both fighters are assuming their positions and the timer has restarted here in Round 3 as the fighters approach one another. 5:0
0:34 Schulz just landed a three punch combo! 5:4
0:34 Minto is trying to regroup after those punches… 5:4
0:42 Schulz’s corner is shouting at him to stay off the ropes. 5:4
0:46 Minto jolts Schulz with a hard jab. 8:4
0:59 Minto is still trying to find the range with his punches. He’s just missing with some of his shots. 8:4
01:06 Schulz steals a quick glance at his corner. 8:4
01:15 Minto misses with an uppercut from way outside. That’s a dangerous punch to throw. You leave yourself wide open for a counter. 8:4
01:27 Minto looks somewhat plodding as he tries to chase down Schulz. 8:4
01:31 It’s a knowledgeable crowd tonight. They are letting the fighters know they want to see some action and when it slows down they are quick with their show of displeasure. 8:4
01:40 Minto throws a leaping shot that fails to hit the target. 8:4
01:42 Both fighters are pawing with the jab, trying to find an opening. Schulz digs a quick hook into the exposed side of Minto. 8:6
01:51 Axel Schulz seems to be protecting his body which is leaving his head vulnerable. He doesn’t like body shots but I don’t know anyone that does. 8:6
01:55 Minto pins Schulz in the corner! 8:6
01:59 Minto c

atches Schulz coming in with a sweet uppercut! 12:6
01:59 Minto made Schulz blink with that shot! 12:6
02:08 The two fighters clinch, throwing feeble punches as they grab a quick breather. Now they back away from each other. 12:6
02:16 Minto lands a crushing cross! 16:6
02:16 Schulz is suddenly in trouble! 16:6
02:20 * Swelling under the left eye of Axel Schulz is becoming obvious to viewers and Schulz’s opponent as well. 16:6
02:27 The action is back at ring center. 16:6
02:32 Minto misses with what looked like a backhand. He’s lucky. If that had landed, he might have drawn a warning. 16:6
02:34 Axel Schulz fires a short, ripping uppercut inside. 16:8
02:49 Minto lets his hands go but his punches land on the arms of Schulz. 16:8
02:51 Schulz blasts home a right hand. He telegraphed it but he got away with one there. 16:11
03:00 Schulz pins Minto in the corner! 16:11
03:00 Schulz fires and misses. 16:11
03:00 A nice action round, as both fighters had their moments and receive a well-deserved round of applause as they head for their corners. 18:11

Round 4
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Amy ‚The Smile‘ Longlegs exits the ring to wild cheering. We await the bell, signaling the start of Round 4. There it is! 0:0
0:08 Minto received a pep talk from Tom Yankello before he left his corner; we’ll see if it worked. 0:0
0:08 Schulz is ready to go. The cut inside the left eyebrow he suffered won’t be a factor at the beginning of the round because his corner man has the bleeding stopped. 0:0
0:08 Schulz has Minto trapped! 0:0
0:13 Schulz darts in and out, making himself a tough target. 0:0
0:17 Eddie Inabagsky was in Schulz’s face between rounds and Schulz just glared at him. We have no idea what the problem might have been. 0:0
0:23 Minto just comes up short with that shot. 0:0
0:25 Schulz lands a jab. He’s using it as both an offensive and defensive weapon on occasions. 0:2
0:35 Minto is blocked in his own corner… 0:2
0:39 Schulz fires and misses. 0:2
0:41 The cross scores for Minto. He needs to throw that punch more often. 2:2
0:50 Schulz scores with a piston-like jab. 2:5
01:04 They’re coming back to the center of the ring now… 2:5
01:04 Schulz likes to use the hook but he’d better get a little closer when he throws it or Brian Minto’s going to beat him to the punch and hurt him! 2:7
01:19 Brian Minto cuts loose with a combination and the crowd roars, but the truth is none of those punches landed. They were either slipped or blocked, or simply missed the mark. 2:7
01:25 Schulz lands a solid cross! 2:11
01:25 Minto was stunned by that blow! 2:11
01:39 Schulz misses with that punch. 2:11
01:50 Minto is trapped in Schulz’s corner… 2:11
01:55 Schulz is in constant motion. He is making Minto chase him. 2:11
02:04 Axel Schulz lands a hard uppercut! 2:16
02:04 Minto looks like he might have been hurt by that punch! 2:16
02:13 The fighters are jockeying for position as both men try to gain the advantage here in the 4th. 2:16
02:15 Schulz moves into a neutral corner. 2:16
02:20 Minto patiently and methodically advances, steadily cutting down the ring space, giving Axel Schulz little room to move. 2:16
02:24 Both boxers are in the middle of the squared circle. 2:16
02:24 There’s a combination of punches from Schulz that score big. 2:19
02:33 Minto slides into the corner… 2:19
02:38 Schulz just comes up short with that shot. 2:19
02:48 Schulz backs into his own corner… 2:19
02:52 That was a straight right by Minto! 6:19
02:52 Schulz looks shaken! 6:19
03:00 That ends Round 4… But the fighters are still punching! Now Alvarado jumps between them. 7:21

Round 5
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Minto looks to be in good shape as Round 5 gets underway. 0:0
0:05 A minute wasn’t enough to eliminate or even significantly reduce Schulz’s swelling. They’ll have to keep a close watch on it and make sure Schulz’s vision doesn’t become a major problem over the next few rounds. 0:0
0:06 Schulz retreats into a neutral corner. 0:0
0:10 Minto tries to drop the right hand over the top but Schulz ducks under it. 0:0
0:17 Minto is receiving a lot of encouragement from his corner. If this helps win fights, he has a real good shot tonight. 0:0
0:25 Minto drops his shoulder as if to throw a right, then quickly rips a quick left hook to the body that makes Schulz wince! 4:0
0:25 Schulz is trying to regroup after those punches… 4:0
0:34 Schulz is telegraphing his punches making it pretty easy for Minto to avoid them. He is going to have to disguise his attempts a little. 4:0
0:41 Minto tries a straight right that’s blocked by the gloves of Schulz. 4:0
0:43 Schulz lands the lead right. 4:2
0:57 Circling left, Minto looks for an opening to fire a shot at Schulz. 4:2
01:01 Alvarado is really doing a good job of controlling this fight. He’s making sure that these fighters keep it clean. 4:2
01:05 Neither fighter is straying far from the middle of the ring. 4:2
01:05 Minto lands the uppercut but there wasn’t much on it. 6:2
01:17 Minto takes a half step back as he tries to create some punching room. 6:2
01:36 Minto can’t find the range with that punch. 6:2
01:39 Schulz lands a devastating hook to the body. 6:5
01:52 Minto continues to follow Schulz about the ring. 6:5
02:02 Minto lands a crushing cross! 10:5
02:02 That blow connected solidly to the head of Axel Schulz. 10:5
02:06 There appears to be an increase in the amount of swelling under Schulz’s left eye. 10:5
02:11 Both fighters sneak a breather as they clinch. Now they move apart. 10:5
02:19 Minto tries to get fancy with some subtle shoulder movement. When it’s done right that kind of thing can throw off an opponent’s timing. 10:5
02:29 Minto is bobbing and weaving as he moves forward. 10:5
02:36 Minto traps Schulz in the corner! 10:5
02:41 Minto is stalking his opponent. 10:5
02:45 Minto scores with a quick hook to the head of Schulz after Schulz missed with a wild shot of his own. 12:5
03:00 Round 5 ends with the sound of the bell. 14:5

Round 6
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Here come the fighters to ring center… 0:0
0:07 Eddie Inabagsky not only gave Schulz encouragement between rounds but also some solid advice on how to handle Brian Minto. Now it’s up to Schulz to implement it. 0:0
0:07 Schulz’s corner is an experienced crew but the swelling he’s suffered looks almost as bad as it did before the minute break. 0:0
0:08 Schulz is trapped in his own corner… 0:0
0:13 Alvarado tries to separate the boxers but Minto has a vice-like grip on Schulz. 0:0
0:17 Alvarado is shouting at Minto to break! 0:0
0:22 The two men are circling one another, looking for an opening. 0:0
0:25 Both fighters move to ring center. 0:0
0:30 Minto is clinching… 0:0
0:42 Alvarado breaks them up… 0:0
0:51 Axel Schulz is off target with that punch. 0:0
0:58 Minto’s corner is shouting to their man, encouraging him to pick up the action. 0:0
01:06 Minto’s shot snaps Schulz’s head back and appears to have hurt him! 4:0
01:06 Schulz was staggered by that punch! 4:0
01:10 The swelling under Schulz’s left eye is increasing, making it tougher and tougher for him to see punches coming. 4:0
01:19 Schulz constant movement can be frustrating to an opponent who’s not capable of cutting off the ring on him. 4:0
01:32 Schulz ties up Minto… 4:0
01:36 Alvarado has to break them apart. 4:0
01:46 Minto dips as if to launch a body shot, then goes up

stairs with a quick hook to the head that puts Axel Schulz back on his heels! 8:0
01:46 Schulz is trying to reach for the ropes! His legs have turned to jelly! 8:0
01:55 Schulz is trying to avoid shots to the body. He’d better look out for shots to the head! 8:0
02:02 Schulz just delivered a wake-up call!!! He hurt Minto with a sharp combination! 8:4
02:02 Minto was shaken by those blows! 8:4
02:14 There’s a lead right hand that finds its mark. That can be a dangerous punch. Schulz better be careful when he throws that one. 8:6
02:26 A right cross from Schulz gets through Minto’s guard. 8:8
02:26 Minto reels backward from what appears to be a head butt! 8:8
02:40 Minto lands a smashing cross! 12:8
02:40 Schulz is hurt! 12:8
02:45 The fighter, his corner, his opponent and the referee all have to be aware of the increasing swelling taking place under the left eye of Schulz. 12:8
02:54 Schulz wings a big left hand at Minto but the latter sidesteps the punch. 12:8
03:00 Minto drives that short hook into Schulz’s midsection! 16:8
03:00 Schulz looks shaken! 16:8
03:00 The crowd is literally screaming in approval as the two fighters look for a minutes respite after a sizzling round of action. 15:9

Round 7
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The bell starts the action as Minto and Schulz leave their corners. 0:0
0:08 The swelling on the face of Schulz is almost as pronounced as it was before his corner worked on it, in spite of their efforts. 0:0
0:13 Schulz misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well. 0:0
0:15 Minto connects with an uppercut. He can make good use of that punch if he can continue to get inside. 2:0
0:19 Minto needs to catch his second wind… 2:0
0:29 Minto pins Schulz’s arms! The fighters are tied up… 2:0
0:38 Schulz tries to get free… Here comes Alvarado to break them up… 2:0
0:47 Schulz and Minto are in a clinch, Alvarado hollers at them to break and start fighting. 2:0
0:52 Minto works his way free! 2:0
01:01 Minto is moving his head and shoulders side to side, but his feet are not going anywhere, giving Schulz a decent target to shoot for. 2:0
01:06 Brian Minto bangs away with both hands and a nice uppercut finds a home. 4:0
01:11 It looks like Schulz and Minto are both starting to fatigue… 4:0
01:23 Minto comes in low. Schulz puts a headlock on him. Alvarado knocks Schulz’s arm off Minto’s head. 4:0
01:27 The fighters separate from clinching themselves. 4:0
01:35 Schulz backs into a neutral corner. 4:0
01:39 Alvarado yells at the fighters to separate but Minto and Schulz are a tangle of arms. 4:0
01:44 Referee Alvarado separates the two… 4:0
01:51 Brian Minto retreats into the far left corner. 4:0
01:51 Schulz throws punches in bunches and that’s the way to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm. 4:2
02:01 Schulz has Minto cornered! 4:2
02:05 Axel Schulz ends up behind Minto as he deftly avoids a straight ahead attack moving to his right. 4:2
02:10 Both fighters are working the angles, looking to get the upper hand in this contest. 4:2
02:18 Schulz holds his gloves high, bobbing and weaving, making it difficult for Minto to score with a clean shot. 4:2
02:27 Schulz doesn’t connect with the cross. 4:2
02:29 Minto lets his hands go again and gets in several scoring blows. 6:2
02:33 Schulz’s left eye is an ugly mass of swelling and has to be an inviting target for Minto. 6:2
02:43 Schulz bounces off the ropes, challenging Minto to come get him. 6:2
02:55 Schulz misses with that punch. 6:2
02:57 Minto lands a right cross but Schulz turned with it, diluting some of its power. 8:2
03:00 The seconds tick off the clock ending Round 7. 7:4

Round 8
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Both fighters look ready to go as Round 8 begins. 0:0
0:06 Schulz’s corner didn’t ignore the swelling he’s suffered so far in this bout; however, even with the attention that they gave it, the puffiness doesn’t look lessened much, if at all. 0:0
0:12 Look at that subtle shoulder movement. See how Schulz rolls them? That throws off your opponent’s timing. 0:0
0:16 Tom Yankello seemed to pump up Minto between rounds. 0:0
0:16 A cross lands for Schulz. Minto didn’t see that one coming. 0:2
0:33 Schulz throws a straight right that glances off the shoulder of Minto but it’s enough to keep him off-balance. 0:2
0:49 * Minto has been knocked down with a strong hook! 0:2
0:51 Alvarado starts counting… 0:10
0:51 1… 0:10
0:52 Minto is struggling to regain his feet as the count reaches 2. 0:10
0:53 3… 0:10
0:54 4… 0:10
0:55 5… 0:10
0:56 6… 0:10
0:57 7… 0:10
0:57 * Minto gets up on his feet! He doesn’t look very steady… 0:10
0:57 Alvarado waves the two fighters together, he is allowing the fight to continue. 0:10
0:57 Minto has suffered a delayed reaction to that last punch. He lurched forward and his legs look bad. Schulz needs to capitalize on this moment because he can end this thing right now. 0:10
01:02 Minto is starting to carry his arms lower…he’s tired. 0:10
01:06 Minto retreats into his own corner… 0:10
01:11 The fighters have worked their way back to the center of the ring. 0:10
01:15 Schulz telegraphed that shot and Minto ducks under it easily. 0:10
01:30 Schulz has Minto blocked in! 0:10
01:35 Axel Schulz lands a hard cross! 0:15
01:35 Minto looks shaken! 0:15
01:44 Schulz has Minto pinned! 0:15
01:48 Schulz just comes up short with that shot. 0:15
01:55 The two fighters have chosen to work on the inside and it’s Schulz who scores with a short hook to the chest. 0:17
02:08 Axel Schulz wraps up Minto… Neither fighter will break… 0:17
02:20 Schulz and Minto each take a step back. 0:17
02:25 There’s a pause in the action as both fighters regroup. 0:17
02:29 Schulz forces his way inside and he lands a nice uppercut to the chin of Minto. 0:19
02:41 Schulz has Brian Minto trapped in the right neutral corner… 0:19
02:46 Schulz throws a leaping shot that fails to hit the target. 0:19
02:53 Minto slides into a neutral corner… 0:19
02:57 Schulz wings a big left hand at Minto but the latter sidesteps the punch. 0:19
03:00 Schulz appears to have a pretty good lead at this point. 0:19
03:00 The round’s over and the crowd hasn’t stopped screaming since the knockdown occurred. 0:20

Round 9
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The seconds hurry out of Minto’s corner as the bell sounds for Round 9. 0:0
0:07 The swelling on the face of Schulz is noticeable, even at a distance. Although his corner men were applying cold compresses and trying to work the swelling away from his eyes, Axel Schulz still has distension. 0:0
0:12 Brian Minto scores with a tremendous left! 4:0
0:12 Schulz was staggered by that punch! 4:0
0:16 Schulz is starting to fatigue… 4:0
0:25 Minto lands a smashing hook! 9:0
0:25 OH! Minto landed it square and Schulz felt it! 9:0
0:30 Axel Schulz is going to have to either assume a more defensive posture to protect his continually swelling left eye or go on an all-out offensive and try to end the fight before the eye closes completely. 9:0
0:34 Both fighters need to close the distance between them. 9:0
0:43 Axel Schulz is either lucky or has radar. Minto’s last punch missed landing by a fraction of an inch! 9:0
0:50 The two men continue to measure one another. 9:0
0:53 Minto has Schulz trapped! 9:0
0:53 Minto lands with a short, quick uppercut in close. 11:0
01:04 Schulz is trapped in the c

orner… 11:0
01:08 Minto misses badly. It looked like he changed his mind half way through the punch. 11:0
01:11 Schulz gets in close and comes straight up to the chin of Minto with an uppercut. 11:2
01:20 Minto slides into the corner… 11:2
01:20 Axel Schulz lands a double left, one to the head and one to the body. 11:4
01:29 Minto traps Schulz in the corner! 11:4
01:34 Minto leaves the jab just short. 11:4
01:36 Schulz lands a perfectly timed cross that puts Minto back on his heels. 11:7
01:50 Minto fires a shot, but it glances off Axel Schulz’s shoulder. 11:7
01:57 Schulz lands a hard cross! 11:12
01:57 Minto was stunned by that blow! 11:12
02:01 Minto appears to be rebounding from the knockdown he suffered in the last frame. 11:12
02:05 The fighters are at ring center… 11:12
02:05 Minto lets go with a hook but Schulz blocks it and then he scores with a hook of his own! 11:14
02:05 Schulz has Brian Minto in a world of trouble. Let’s see if he can finish him here in the 9th. 11:14
02:14 Schulz is trying to move in behind the jab, which lands. 11:16
02:14 Axel Schulz must sense that he’s got Minto just about out on his feet. Now, it’s a matter of whether or not he can land the punches necessary to end this fight. 11:16
02:19 * Minto clearly has some swelling under his left eye. 11:16
02:28 Axel Schulz is on his bicycle, moving from corner to corner forcing Minto to chase him. 11:16
02:36 Schulz fires a lead right that Minto manages to avoid. 11:16
02:47 Schulz misses with that punch. 11:16
02:54 Schulz has Minto blocked in! 11:16
02:58 Schulz fails to connect with that punch. He pushed it out there instead of cutting loose with it. 11:16
03:00 The crowd shows their appreciation for the efforts of both fighters as the two warriors make their way to their respective corners. 12:17

Round 10
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Schulz rushes out at the bell. Whatever his corner said to him seems to have him fired up. 0:0
0:08 Minto’s corner men did their job with quiet efficiency and confidence. 0:0
0:08 If the swelling was lessened by Axel Schulz’s corner, it wasn’t reduced enough to make a big difference. It’s going to be a factor in this fight if it continues to worsen. 0:0
0:13 Minto smothers Schulz’s attack as Schulz tries to get off some shots inside. 0:0
0:33 Schulz tries to double up on the jab but neither hit the mark. 0:0
0:49 Minto fires a volley of punches but Schulz was already moving laterally and was out of harm’s way by the time Minto started punching. 0:0
0:51 Schulz misses with the jab but scores with the follow up cross. 0:2
0:55 Look for Schulz to start to target Minto’s left eye in an attempt to close it because Minto’s swelling is worsening rapidly. 0:2
01:00 Minto pops a jab home. That punch didn’t hurt but it still scored points. 2:2
01:10 There’s a crushing hook to the head, landed by Minto! Axel Schulz flashes a quick smile at Brian Minto as if to acknowledge the blow. 5:2
01:15 Both fighters are carrying their arms low… 5:2
01:15 The swelling under Schulz’s left eye is growing to a point where the eye could end up shut if his corner can’t reduce or at least control it. 5:2
01:23 Schulz lands a glancing, overhand right. He just missed landing that one square. 5:4
01:33 Minto throws punches in bunches and that’s the way to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm. 7:4
01:42 Both fighters are keeping their distance for the moment. 7:4
01:46 Minto moves into the left corner. 7:4
01:50 Schulz misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well. 7:4
01:57 Quick hands and feet can take you far in this game. Of course, having a good chin helps! 7:4
02:05 Schulz back pedals away from the straight forward attack of Minto. 7:4
02:10 Schulz rips a hook to the head. 7:6
02:19 Minto’s corner is shouting at him to stay off the ropes. 7:6
02:39 Minto lets his hands go but his punches land on the arms of Schulz. 7:6
02:41 The two men are bumping heads as they wrestle on the inside. Now, Schulz lands a short uppercut to the chin of Minto. 7:8
02:55 Schulz is just missing by a hair with his punches. 7:8
02:57 Minto scores with a big right hand. That shot brought Schulz up short. 10:8
02:57 Minto last connect snapped back the head of Schulz. And it looks like it has reopened Schulz’s cut. 10:8
02:57 Blood is clearly coming from the reopened gash on the inside of Schulz’s left eyebrow. It’s got to have some affect on him, if not physically then mentally. 10:8
02:57 * Alvarado is taking a close look at the blood trickling down Axel Schulz’s face; and now he steps in and stops the contest. Apparently, he wants the doctor to take a look at the damage done to Schulz’s face, especially the cut above the eye. 10:8
03:00 * Referee Alvarado halts this fight. * That’s it folks. The gash over Schulz’s eye is too bad for him to continue. This fight is over. Minto is the winner via TKO! 10:8

Fight Result

Here’s Chuck Hull with the call…

At the end of Round 10, the winner by technical knockout is…

Brian Minto!


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