TapOut — UFC/Pride Game

Brandnew on sale — ONLY HERE: TapOut, my no-holds-barred storytelling game.

TapOut is a simulation game of professional, no holds barred fighting. After several years of playtesting, TapOut truly offers the excitement of real freefights. The author, an acclaimed indie roleplaying writer in Germany (his Plüsch, Power & Plunder roleplaying game was voted 3rd in „Most popular rpg“), has been an active full-contact martial artist for more than 20 years.

TapOut is played using six-sided and twenty-sided dice. It’s no dice-and-chart game, thus giving the player the freedom to really describe his fighter’s actions.

If you can find it in real no holds barred fights, you’ll find it in TapOut. Stun opponents with powerful or lucky hits, try to end the fight early to avoid negative effects of fatigue, knock him out, choke him out or make him tap out.

This game is in English.

The price is 18 US$.
Write me an email if you’re interested: matausch(at)googlemail.com


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