I think that its become clear to me now: Amber is the kind of litmus test. If you are a normal gamer, like, say, the VAST majority of people who I’ve turned onto the game, you will be at first intrigued and later blown away by Amber. If you can get past the „diceless“ thing, your next reaction is „where have you been all my life, baby?!“ and „holy shit, sweet mother of Fuck, pure roleplaying!“. I concede that there might be a few people out there that just won’t dig the setting, but they’ll love the concept of the system.

(RPGPundit 6-19-2007)


2 Antworten zu “

  1. Yes. It’s impossible for me to go back to dice-rolling games, even. I tried many times, and I failed. Amber has spoiled my roleplaying tastes. And I’m thankful for it.

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