Random Random Table #1

Heute: „Powers & Abilities far beyond those of mortal men“, Teenagers From Outer Space, 1st edition, 1987, Talsorian

First Roll
1: Nothing
2: Fly
3: Teleport
4: Superspeed
5: Telemove
6: Bounce (bounce off of any hard surface without damage; quote: „People with Bounce ability are always the life of the party, especially around the volleyball net“)

Second Roll
1: Nothing
2: Zap
3: Breathe Fire
4: Monster Out (quote: „This ability allows you to transform into a 50 foot, silly looking rubber monster at will, sort of like an instant Godzilla eets the Smog Creature“)
5: Deep Freeze
6: Bonk Drain

Third Roll
1: Nothing
2: Forcefield
3: Shapechange
4: Superstrength
5: Talk to Aliens
6: Telephone (quote: „The ability to contact anyone in the Universe at any time and at any place, merely by reciting their phone number and dialing an imaginary phone. Somewhere across the vastness of the Galaxy, (usually while in the shower), your party hears a tiny, tinny ringing and a deep voice saying „It’s for you“. Occassionally, for no reason other than Referee harassment, you get a wrong number.“)


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