Random Random Table #2

„Ammo Left“ in Machine Guns & Magic, MG Games Inc. Publishing, 1991

„After this encounter, inform your players that they have used ammo in the fight and now must roll to see how much they have left.“

Weapon — Ammo Left
Shotgun — 3d6 + 10 rounds
Bolt-Action Rifle — 2d10 + 20 rounds
Assault Rifle — 1d3 +3 full 20-shot clips
Submachine-pistol — 1d3 + 3 full 20-shot clips
Pistol — 1d3 + 1 full 8 shot clips, or 6 shot magazines
Frag Grenades — Roll 1d6. On a 1 to 3 they have that many left, on a 4 to 6 they have none at all.

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