Hong Kong Action: The Night of the Lone Gunman

Es folgt eines meiner allerersten Hong Kong Action-Abenteuer, geschrieben vor ungefähr 10 Jahren (und auf Englisch), für mein damaliges würfelloses Spielsystem „Heritage“. Es kann aber mit wenig Vorbereitung für jedes Regelgerüst umgeschrieben werden.

Genre: Gunplay

One of the actors plays a renowned Triad killer. His last job was the biggest mistake he ever has made: he shot the wrong person, his victim’s daugther, a 12 year-old girl. She is in hospital now, and the doctors say they see no chance for her. He wants to apologize for what he has done, and offer the family all the help he can muster. Now, the HK police boss is after him, and the first thing this bastard did was throwing his sister in jail. Then, after countless rapes, she is found dead in a dark alley somewhere inside Walled City.

The killer is infuriated and wants revenge.

He wants to quit his Triad job now, fully and forever, but the family of the girl he killed accidently has sent four hitmen after him. They are ordered to kill him.

One of the hitmen arouses his interest: it’s a very beautiful woman, with a cat-like grace. The killer falls in love with her, but she almost kills him (he can escape, though). The woman is the little girl’s older sister. It would be a good melodramatic ending if the killer died by the older sister’s hand, while she was pretending to want to make love with him.

Disillusioned Killer
His Sister’s Boy-Friend (
The Killer’s Older Brother
The Killer’s Best Friend
Triad Buddy
Merciful Prison Warden Who Hates The HK Police Boss For What He’s Done

Key Action Scenes
*How They Caught His Sister: a birthday party. The killer’s sister is having a party for her 21st birthday. Lots of guests, mostly young men and women who don’t really know how to swing a good punch. Other guests include the killer, his sister’s boy-friend, the killer’s older brother, his best friend, and one of his best buddies from the triad. Let them party a bit. Then, a knock at the door. Suddenly, an explosion of violence and chaos; shots everywhere, blood, confusion, pain. The police have decided to catch the killer with his pants down.There are about 3 to 4 policemen for each of the roles. As they notice that’s impossible to get him, they decide to kidnap his sister instead. No, this is not legal. But who cares? The killer? Uh-oh, never mind.

*The Killer and The Mysterious Stranger: to get vital information on where his sister could be, the killer meets a triad contact at a crowded bus stop in Hong Kong. Before he can get any information, an army of men and women wearing black shades attack the killer and his friends. The enemies use medium-calibre guns. The killer’s informant is able to tell him that his sister is kept somewhere in the cellar of a HK 5-star restaurant (the owner of which is the police boss‘ good friend), then he dies. The mysterious strangers were assassins hired by the killed girl’s family.

*Foods And Fights: The restaurant, Happy Liau’s, is popular with the upper 1,000 citizens of HK. Prices that make your eyes water, and garcons who read your every wish from your lips. The bouncer will not allow any weapons inside. Besides, the owner is a very good friend of HK police boss, and has imprisoned the killer’s sister in one of the wine cellars. After the roles have found the killer’s sister, they are noticed by Liau’s thugs. There are roughly 3 to 4 thugs per role, and they carry guns. The roles can only flee, and this time it is a foot chase through the vast wine cellars of the restaurant. As soon as they have escaped the thugs, they are attacked by the mysterious people with black shades again. One of them, a well-built woman, makes the killer’s heart go faster: he falls in love with her.

*Booming Business: meanwhile, the HK police boss has killed the killer’s sister. Her dead body is found somewhere inside Walled City. Revenge. The HK police boss is having dinner with some coporate executives. Place: a skyscraper. The corp is producing electrical tools like drills and screwdrivers. When the actors enter the scene, there are lots of bodyguards there to protect the execs and the boss. After the first few shots have been fired, the sprinkler system sets in. As a result, all firearms cease to work. But there are lots of power tools to fight with 😉 The mysterious woman will save the killer’s life when it is in grave danger. After a long kiss, she will empty her pistol into his belly.
Fade to black.


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