Let Music be our Master

Hier nochmal ein Spiel, das ich gerade für den 5-Minuten-Spiel-Thread auf Story Games geschrieben habe.

The group listens to a couple of songs that are somehow appropriate to the genre or setting they want to play in.
Each player has a stack of 20 file cards or similar material.

They listen to the songs, maybe talk about the upcoming adventure, and when inspiration strikes them, write one word, only one word, on a card.

When they want to write more words down, they should use one card for each word.

After all the songs have been played, all the cards are shuffled and the entire deck is set in the middle of the table. Each player draws one card, or, if there are less than three, two cards.
These cards describe the situation the characters are in.

Then, the players do the very same thing, but this time for the endgame.
Those cards describe the situation that ends the game.

Then, the rest of the cards in the deck is divided between the players, face down.

Whenever conflict arises, the player draws one of his cards for the character in question, and the opposing party or another player draws one of his cards. Everybody at the table compares the meaning of the words on the cards, and thus, how the conflict is resolved (or continues).

Play till the endgame is reached, or people don’t want to play any more.


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