DM technique: Pidgin Adventures

(This time around, I’m posting in English)

Guys, I’d like to share one of my GM tools with y’all. I call it „Pidgin Adventures“ and it goes like this:

1) Take a short synopsis of any published rpg module.
For instance, I, being German and all, choose the German old school (1985) fantasy module „In den Fängen des Dämons“ (roughly, „In the clutches of the Demon“).

2) Write down or copy the plot segments, a few sentences for each.

3) Write down the npcs and their relationships to each other and the player characters

4) Draw a couple of maps, if you like maps

5) Stat your npcs and anything else that is important

6) Go play

I call this technique „Pidgin adventures“ because I use the plots of published modules, but mix and combine the elements in whatever way I like it. This way, the new adventure is reminiscent of the original, but it’s still very different. Just like Pidgin English. 🙂



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