Why is Risus never strong enough?

(again, in English)

Sometime last year, I read on an OSR blog that the author had a „love-hate“ relationship with Risus. I find this to be very interesting because I feel exactly that way, too.

For instance: I’ve been preparing our next session for this Sunday. We haven’t played in fucking ages, so everybody is really hot for playing. I always had Risus in mind when I wrote down the key scenes of that adventure.

Then, just as usual, I get second thoughts. Now, I’m thinking I’ll use my homebrew D&D-ish d20 system (Abenteuer!, because it offers such a huge freedom in play, and also the crunch, if we want it) OR go completely balls-to-the-wall freeform and use Everway.

The funny thing is: It’s always like that. Risus never seems to be strong enough in play to stand a chance against good old D&D and Everway.


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