Von Dungeon World zu White Hack: Versuche

Daß ich ein großer Fan von Dungeon World bin, ist mittlerweile offensichtlich. Glaube ich zumindest. Daß ich ein mindestens ebenso großer Fan von Whitehack bin, eigentlich auch.

Gestern habe ich damit begonnen, versuchsweise die drei jetzigen Spielercharaktere (die beiden anderen regulären Mitspieler hatten bei der ersten DW-Sitzung keine Zeit) auf Whitehack zu übertragen. Das kam dabei raus. Vorsicht: in English.


DW halfling thief

STR 9 DEX 16 CON 15 INT 12 WIS 8 CHA 13
Hp 21; 3 daggers; Leather armor; Healing potion

Moves: Trap Expert, Tricks of the Trade, Backstab, Flexible Morals, Poisoner

The only problem I faced was the fact that the DW thief class is a blend of thief and assassin, something that’s tempting, but not how my world works. I had to find a middle path.

This is what I came up with:

Whitehack Deft halfling thief

Str 9 (Halfling), Dex 16, Con 15 (Halfling), Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 13
ST 7, HP 6, AC 3, MV 25, AV 10; Attuned: Dagger, (cape); Common language; 3 daggers; Studded leather; poison ( Goldroot, double pos roll to make others become best friends with me)

By attuning him to his dagger, I make sure he at least gets some benefit from fancy daggerwork once a day.


DW halfling fighter

STR 16 DEX 13 CON 15 INT 9 WIS 8 CHA 12
Hp 25; signature ax (spiked, serrated edges); sword; scale armor; 2 Healing potions; shield

Moves: Bend bars lift gates, armored

Whitehack strong halfling fighter

Str 16 (Fighter), Dex 13 (Halfling), Con 15, Int 9, Wis 8 (Halfling), Cha 12
ST 5, HP 8, AC 5 (+1), MV 25, AV 12; Combat Special: 4 (Battle Frenzy); Common language; Ax (spiked, serrated edges, d6+3); Sword; Splint Mail; Shield; Healing Potions (2)

I had a similar challenge converting our DW fighter to Whitehack. DW fighters are all supposed to be capable of feats of strength (that move is called „Bend bars, lift gates“). A Whitehack character must have a Group to pull that off. So I gave him the vocation „Fighter“ and added it to his Strength.


DW cleric

STR 15 DEX 9 CON 12 INT 13 WIS 16 CHA 8
Hp 18; staff; chainmail; begging bowl

Moves: Deity, Divine Guidance, Cast a Spell, Commune, Turn Undead

Whitehack wise cleric

Str 15, Dex 9, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 16 (Cleric), Cha 8 (Beggar’s Guild)
ST 6 (8 vs. Magic/mind influencing), HP 7, AC 3, MV 25, AV 10; 1 active miracle; 3 inactive miracles; god Amron; Common language; Staff; Studded Leather; Begging bowl

DW clerics are pretty traditional in the sense that they can cast divine spells and turn undead. For the Whitehack conversion, I’d either make the ‚turning undead‘ ability into a miracle, or I’d treat it as a Vocation Group.


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