Let’s Whitehack Shadowrun, part 1


Illustration in der Erstauflage der Shadowrun-Regeln, amerikanische Ausgabe. Vermutlich Jef Laubenstein.

So Shadowrun 1e is my go-to weird cyberpunk game. I know, chummers. It ain’t what Old Gibson called ‚real cyberpunk‘, what with the elves and orcs and shit. But that doesn’t faze me. Cyberpunk, to me, gets more interesting with a dash of fantasy. I’m cool with that.

Whitehack is, by a long shot, my favorite OSR game. Not only because it’s build on S&W White Box (which in turn is based on the original brown books), but also because it takes the flexibility of the OD&D rules and gives them a spin. And the result is an even more freeform-y game. I’m very cool with that.

Consequently, I locked Shadowrun and Whitehack in a cozy room with pink plush walls, cheesy music, K-Y Jelly and flickering red LED candles.

A couple of minutes later, twins were born. Shadowrun and Whitehack are quick like that.

Whitehack Wise Decker

The Wise class is the Whitehack catch-all for characters with mystical powers based on the power of the mind. Deckers are a natural fit for that.

I gave the character a Vocation group (Decker) and an Affiliation Group (The Matrix Club, an exclusive club of young, motivated and potentially criminal deckers). His Special Abilities (not Miracles) are „Damage Intrusion Countermeasure programs“ and „Hack Buildings“ (which means: control all electronic/online parts of buildings, something a specialized rigger could do, as well).

If I wrote a Whitehack-Shadowrun hack (Whiterun? Shadowhack? Whiteshadow?), I’d probably make an el cheapo cyberdeck part of a decker’s starting equipment.

The Wise Decker would run the net with Int double positive rolls, and he could damage or kill ICE programs with his special ability.

Str __, Dex __, Con __, Int __ (Decker), Wis __ (The Matrix Club), Cha __
ST 6, HP 1d6+1, AC __, MV __, AV 10; Miracles Special Abilities: Damage Intrusion Countermeasure programs (Hack Buildings); Cityspeak; Remington Hold-Out; Fichetti Stiletto; Studded leather; 2500¥

Whitehack Deft Decker

The Deft class are the skill-hounds in Whitehack. In the rules as written, they’re the ninjas, combat monks and assassins. For our little Shadowrun game here, I’ll try something new and make a decker into a ninja. A cyberdeck ninja. A matrix assassin. Something like that.

Deft characters get positive double rolls for every task that is in line with their vocation (and that they have the equiment for). So, our Deft decker rolls 2d20 whenever he does something decker-ish, like… decking. Coding. Trolling marks on forums.

Deft characters have also a very cool power: They can attune themselves to objects, animals or persons. Once per day, they can use this attunement, and the player can go total apeshit with it. The GM weighs the player’s description and tells him if it succeeds automatically (hard tasks), or if he must make a standard task roll. The attunement, in our case, is the decker’s cyberdeck itself. So, once per day, he can pull off some crazy online stunt with the deck.

The Deft decker would run the net with double positive rolls (because of his Vocation), and once a day, he could do something spectacular on the net.

Str __, Dex __, Con __, Int __, Wis __, Cha __
ST 7, HP 1d6, AC __, MV __, AV 10; Attuned: Cyberdeck; Cityspeak; Remington Hold-Out; Fichetti Stiletto; Studded leather; 2500¥

What would you choose? And why?


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