Let’s Whitehack Shadowrun, part 2

Killing floor, by adamkuczek

Killing floor, by adamkuczek

Two days, ago, I boldly went where no GM has gone before (kidding) and played around with the Whitehack rules, to twist and bend them into Shadowrun. He, he, he.

Today, I’m continuing this… thing. Be advised that this material is strictly non-playtested. It’ll be, some day in the not so far future. You’re cordially invited to take these considerations and run with them. I’d appreciate feedback, chummers!

Power Levels

That sounds official, eh? Power levels. What I mean is this: Shadowrun is ridiculously powerful, and it really doesn’t matter what edition you play. Whitehack, in comparison, is old school and thus, purdy deadly. I think to reflect that, I’d adjust Hit Points, AV and the number of miracles and slots.

Player Character Hit Points: Player characters need more of them, so I’d double or even triple the amount of HP.

Monster Hit Points: I’d double or triple the amount of their HPs, as well.

Player Character AV: This stays the same, just as stated in the book.

Monster AV: Stays the same, too, just as written in the book.

Miracles and Slots: Get rid of inactive miracles and inactive attunements. Every miracle and every attunement is always „on“. I’d double the number of available miracles/slots. I’m even thinking about tripling that number, but I’m not sure I want to have that much magick and wyrd in my game.

Cyberdecks: Those are tools of the trade for deckers. A starting decker character gets a cheap-ass Fisher Price or Radio Shack deck that’ll most probably get him in trouble, but hey, Matrix! The moment a player character wants to buy or make a better deck, I’d treat it as a new slot.

Cyberware: I’d treat cyberware just like cyberdecks (as slots). I’d also go for an effect-based description, so even on first level, the cyberpunk already has ‚ware, and the slot describes what it does. The moment a player character wants to buy new ‚ware, I’d treat it as a new slot.



That’s what Street Sams looked like 1st edition. Still lovin‘ it.

Let’s create a Strong Street Samurai!

Str __, Dex __, Con __, Int __, Wis __, Cha __, Level 1
ST 5, HP (1d6+2)*3, AC __, MV __, AV 11; Melee Special: +2 AC (this melee special is not in the book; basically, it’s dermal plating); Melee Special: 8 (combat computer); Cityspeak; Ruger Super Warhawk; Uzi XI; kevlar vest


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