Advanced World of Dungeons: War Bear (Class)





(Inspired by Chris Kutalik’s „Slumbering Ursine Dunes„)

WAR BEARS get Survival. You have a deep emotional connection to polearms and get sick when such a weapon is out of your sight. If you are parted from the sight of a polearm for longer than a day, you lose 2 points of Wisdom till you two lovebirds are reunited. You start with Tough. Choose one additional special ability: My Very Own Polearm*, Attract Warband**, Brawny, Hardy.

*My Very Own Polearm: At level 6, you can design your personal polearm. It costs 500 silver and two weeks of intense concentration. It adds +1 to your attack roll and +1 damage.

**Attract Warband; At level 8, you have become so famous that you automatically attract a warband of 50 soldier bears on the creation of a comfy underground complex.


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