(Advanced) World of Dungeons: Lucky Bastard (Charakter Class)

Matt of „Land of Nod“ blog fame introduces his Lucky Bastard OSR character class. Reason enough for me to translate it to (A)WoD. Actually, it’s less of a translation than a very simple port over to AWoD.

LUCKY BASTARDS get survival. You are Lucky. Choose one additional special ability: Who? Me?, Lucky Son of a Gun, Come and be lucky with me

Who? Me?: Whenever an event in a game must target a random adventurer, a random determination of the lucky bastard is re-rolled. If the second roll targets the lucky bastard, then he is the target of the event.

Lucky Son of a Gun: Each game session, a lucky bastard starts with a luck score of 4. He can increase this by +1 if he holds a lucky rabbit’s foot*, by +1 if he holds a lucky horseshoe*, and by +2 if he happens upon a loose copper piece (only one) in a dungeon and repeats the magic phrase „Find a copper, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck“. The luck score can be used for two things. First, you can spend one point as a bonus to any roll. Second, it can be used to negate damage. To negate damage, the lucky bastard must roll below his luck score on 1d6. If successful, hit point damage sustained from one attack form is negated. Whenever a lucky bastard uses his luck score (whether successfully or not), it is reduced by 1.

Come and be lucky with me: A lucky bastard can, once per game, share his luck with another creature within 30’ of him. This means he lends his luck score to another creature for one round. When the luck score is shared and used, it is reduced by 2 points, rather than just 1 point.

Drawback: Lady Luck has smiled on the lucky bastard … but for how long. Every session a lucky bastard is played carries with it a cumulative 1% chance that Lady Luck turns her back on him. If this happens, the lucky bastard loses all special abilities for that session and the cumulative 1% chance resets itself for the next session.


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