Action Movie World: Actor Signature Moves


A nod to HKAT! 1st ed.
(not playtested yet)

Action Movie World: If the actors star in Hong Kong action movies, each one of them may exchange one Playbook move with one Signature Move. This change is permanent.

When you are creating your Hong Kong actor and decide to get one Signature Move instead of one Playbook move, roll 1d8:

1) Screen Idol: The character is the heartthrob of millions. Once per session, the actor can gain a +1 to either Swagger or Magnetism. The player has to pick one. This choice is permanent.

2) Sacrificial Buddy: The character‘s film always feature an Extra who is a friend or relative of the role being played, and who gets killed. The actor must play one scene with the Extra to establish the relationship, and after the Buddy‘s death, is healed completely (Harm 0) OR gets a +1 to all rolls against the killer.

3) Training Montage: This Pugilist move is now available for all actors – if they are starring in HK action flicks.

4) Bad Dubbing: The actor is forever found in films with horrible dubbing or hideously translated subtitles. Once per session (or twice, if the player actually roleplays this effect), the character may re-roll one failed action based on communication with extras (persuasion, seductions, etc)

5) Blood Rage: Once per session, if the actor opts to take a wound „like a man“ (ie, not defend at all), the actor‘s next attack against this opponent will inflict +2 Harm. This is usually accompanied by the role tasting his own blood and flipping out.

6) Unique Item: The actor always has, regardless of role, one particular piece of equipment (genre-appropriate, of course). This can be anything, from a silver coin that they flip, to a battered hat, or specific type of weapon. The actor can display this item once per session, for a +2 to Swagger.

7) Theme Music: The actor has a signature theme. Examples include the James Bond theme, Clint Eastwood‘s music from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, or Bruce Lee‘s „Taa-Daa!“ brass hit or the Chinese song „Under the General‘s Orders“ which alsways appears in every Wong Fei Hung picture. Once per session, when the actor invokes his theme music, they get either +1 to Swagger, a +1 to Drama, or a +1 to Magentism. The player has to pick one. This choice is permanent.

8) Signature Stunt: The actor has a stunt that they work into every film they‘re in. Once a session, if the actor does his signature stunt, they get a +1 to either Muscles or Agility.


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