Whitehack: Multiclassing


So I’ve heard some people complaining about the „inflexibility“ of Whitehack. It is impossible, they say, to create a Jedi, for instance. To which I reply: Why? Because a Jedi is a blend of awesome fighter and magic/force user, they say.

And so Brian Ashfort came up with a new Whitehack class on G+. The only problem, for me, is that’s it’s so overpowered that I would not allow it in my game.

The question arises:
Is it possible to create a new Whitehack character class that fits the tone of the game? A class that combines fighting prowess and magical badassery, but errs on the low-powered side?

Sure. This is how I would do it: Combine the Wise and the Strong.

Let’s take a look at the Wise:


Then, let’s see what the Strong have going for them:


Let’s drill deeper.

XP: A combined Wise-Strong class has several advantages compared to the original classes, so I’d settle for the Wise XP progression because it’s harder.

HD: Add Wise HD and Strong HD, divide by two, round down. So, our 1st level Wise-Strong character would have (1D6+1 + 1D6+2)/2, or 1d6+1 HD.

AV: as with HD, take the average of both AVs, round down.

ST: average of both STs, round down.

Slots: take the average of both slots and round down; assign miracles or combat options for each.


So, a 3rd level Wise-Strong character would have:

XP: 5000
HD: 2+1
AV: 11
ST: 7
Slots: 1 — I could either choose a combat option or a miracle.

A 5fth level Wise-Strong character would look like this:

XP: 18,000
HD: 4
AV: 12
ST: 9
Slots: 2 — now, I could have one combat option, and one miracle.

I like that. I haven’t playtested it yet, but it should work pretty smoothly.


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