Let’s OSR-ify World of Dungeons


John Harper’s World of Dungeons and my expanded version „Advanced World of Dungeons“ are the games that are downloaded most often from my blog.

Still, I get emails on a regular basis, telling me that (A)WoD is not an OSR game. These players are telling me, basically, that they would love to play the game, but that it feels „too indie“ for their tastes.

I admit: I’ve been there.

It took a while till I got used to the new school mechanics. But when I finally got there, boy, what an adventure!

To help all of you enjoy the beauty that is World of Dungeons, I suggest using the following house rules:

  1. Make the characters stronger. Yes, I know, I heard it a gazillion times: „But Gary didn’t do that, either!“
    WRONG. Gary Gygax, co-godfather of all things rpg, was a total wuss when it came to player character survival chances, and I like that. Gary bent the rules of his very own game (also, look here).

    a) To make the characters stronger, have them start on 3rd level, OR
    b) You could also give them 2 Hit Dice +CON from the start, OR
    c) Every weapon does 1 hit point damage (except huge weapons and weapons used by fighter-types, they do 2 points damage). Critical hits do double damage.

  2. Players roll for their characters‘ attacks. And so does the GM for NPC attacks.
  3. Use 1d20 for combat, just like we did back in the days.

    a) Each party involved in a fight rolls 1d6. Higher side goes first, for the rest of the fight.
    b) Players must roll (10+STR) or lower to hit. This is the target number. Because the rules determine a cap of +3 for any attribute, this means that players must come up with descriptions that give their characters tactical advantages (each advantage is granted a +1 to the target number. Alternatively, you could allow for STR to be leveled up to +8, but that’s disgusting.
    c) GMs determine the STR of an NPC and use the same rules.



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