Experiment: Creating a new character class for The Black Hack (OSR).


So, you can play everything with TBH.

We know this already, but let me try something here — „live and online“, so to speak.

I’ll create a TBH class on the go, off the cuff. Let’s see.

Starting an online timer right now.

A tree. A man resembling a tree. No, a transformed tree, looking like a man, but with tree genes.

Starting hp: 1d10+4
Weapons: everything that’s blunt (treemen fear sharp weapons and blades)
Armor: none, but they get the equivalent of armor class 2 (alternate rules, subtract the AC from every damage, then roll 1d8 as usage die)
Damage: 1d8

Special features

Communicate with plants: You can talk with plants.

Never hungry: Simply put your hands deep into moist soil, and your hunger and thirst will have disappeared after 3d6 minutes.

Bend with the Wind: you get Advantage when avoiding attacks IF there is strong wind.

You shall not pass: Root yourself deeply, and it seems like you weigh a thousand tons. Counter every attempt to move you with an Advantage.

Advance levels
As usual, roll twice for STR and CON.

Googling a good picture: found one.
Total time: 8 minutes 50 seconds.

Seriously, it takes longer to create a Risus character. :)


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