Blood of Pangea: Thundarr!


Blood of Pangea by James and Robyn George is one of my favorite roleplaying games, but sadly one that’s massively underplayed in my group. I plan to change that because it really has everything I LOVE in an rpg:

  • no attributes (so, so, so good! That’s why I also dig freeform, 1974 Style, Searchers of the Unknown, Risus and similar games)
  • unified mechanic: roll 2d6, no adds (but you can boost your chances by spending „Might“, the equivalent to hit points
  • combat is super-simple: roll 2d6 and get at least 7 (against amateur fighters) or 9 (against good fighters), and your attack lands. Damage depends on what you rolled to hit: 7-11 means 1 hit, 12 means 2 hits, two-handed weapons add +1. Armor is additional hit points.
  • empowering background story: called „narrative“, what’s mentioned here is the character’s expertise that will make skill checks easier for him
  • freeform magic. ’nuff said. Freeform magic! On the fly. That’s exactly how I like it.

See how simple and easy-going this all is? A character consists of his „role title“, his history and his „Might“ (this being the only number besides experience points and money) that’s on the character sheet record. Perfect! As a player, you know exactly what your hero is able to do, and no numbers get in the way. The game system couldn’t be simpler.

We started our Thundarr game a while ago, with Dungeon World. But, dude… so many numbers features/moves/special abilities (+Matt Jackson laughingly reminded me that it’s not the numbers that make Dungeon World complex, but the sheer amount of special abilities). And that GM-does-not-roll-dice thing… plus, we’re meeting every two months or so, all of us being in our mid-40s, married men with families. Episodic play is our best chance. And honestly, I don’t need complex rules to do that. Blood of Pangea it is. Thank you, James and Robyn.



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