Blood of Pangea: Playing around with magic


Evil-Lyn, Skeletor’s second in command. (c) Gerald Parel

Blood of Pangea is so simple and robust that we can take a portion of the rules, twist and bend them, and put them back in — and the system will still work smoothly.

The best example for that are the sorcery rules in BoP: think of a spell, describe it, and it usually costs 1 Might. The GM might charge you more if the spell affects more targets, or if it’s really powerful.

So, to make magic a bit more unpredictable, why don’t we say that a spell costs 1 Might, but the sorcerer has to roll a check with his 2d6; 7+ the spell hits home and costs 1 Might; 6- the spell hits home, but costs 2 Might, or maybe even 1d4 Might?

Why not have the player pick 2 or 3 magic schticks a la Feng Shui (each one covering a certain topic, like „Blast“ for combat, „Chucking things around“ for moving objects/people, „Healing“, „Illusion“, etc) and rate the cost between 1 and 3 Might for a spell, allowing combinations like „Chucking things around“ and „Blast“, for a spell that hurls heavy objects into targets and has them explode on contact?

That’s the fun of simple systems like BoP: You can really cover a lot of ground with them, without breaking the rules.


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