Blood of Pangea: James Bond

BoP James Bond

Another character for Blood of Pangea ,this time from the spy genre. Today’s character’s name is Bond, James Bond.
If you compare his character record with Thundarr’s, you’ll notice that the only number on the sheet is the same: Might 10.

But how can these two characters be different in play?

That’s the word: play. The real differences show themselves in play. While Thundarr might be superior to Bond at swordfighting, Bond will be far better at modern ranged combat. Thundarr’s narrative mentions he’s a good climber, while this specific information is missing on Bond’s record. In the game, this will mean a lower target number for Thundarr when he wants to climb. Bond’s record mentions he’s a womanizer, so he’ll have to roll lower than Thundarr when schmoozing the ladies.


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