Blood of Pangea: tweaking the rules


As you might know, I’m a huge fan of simple roleplaying games, for several reasons. One of them surely is the fact that we (my group and me) can’t play as often as we used to. Real life interferes, and so all we can do is play every other month. Long-term campaigns are, sadly, history for us. So, episodic play it is. For that kind of game, it’s my experience that the simpler the rules, the better the results.

Being on a Blood of Pangea trip lately, I’ll suggest a couple of houserules that bring more variety into the game:

  • Feel free to write up special abilities you and your players come up with. This might help inexperienced players to decide.
  • Variable Might scores can bring more drama and vulnerability into the game: roll 1d20 for starting characters‘ Might.
  • For sorcerous characters, to emulate more traditional games, you might consider to divide Might into two pools: one for taking hits, and another for magic activities. Allocate about two thirds of the Might score to „Magic Might“, and the rest to „regular“ Might.
  • Narrative positioning: a regular attack in BoP succeeds when you roll 9+ with 2d6. The character’s narrative can improve the odds. But the only other chance to get better chances is to narrate how your character outmaneuvers his opponent to get a superior tactical position. No narration = no advantage.

Eine Antwort zu “Blood of Pangea: tweaking the rules

  1. New character class: Beastmaster

    shield/armour: no, weaponry: any

    Using MIGHT, a Beastmaster can try to control all sorts of animals and non-magic creatures. Both difficulty level and costs depend on the target, ranging from 1 MIGHT (challenging) for e. g. horses, panthers or eagles to 4 MIGHT (overwhelming) for a T-Rex. Rolling 2-6 doubles the MIGHT spent.

    Special ability: -1 to -3 MIGHT (permanent) enables the Beastmaster to subdue a controlled creature permanently, with costs depending on size, will and strength of the target.

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