Sorcerers&Sellswords: works for Judge Dredd, too

Judge Anderson S&S

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Judge Dredd is one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve been reading this comic (on and off, admittedly) for almost 30 years. It’s still great, and I remember many stories fondly — a perfect unity of art and storytelling. And boy, Judge Dredd had and still has deep, deeeeeep stories to offer.

So, with my first love of rules-light episodic games re-kindled, let me present to you: Psi Judge Cassandra Anderson in Sorcerers&Sellswords format. Note that her skill number is 4, which means that she has to roll 5 or 6 for successful PSI use, and 1, 2 or 3 for physical activities. The reason I chose that number is that Judges first and foremost have to be physically fit and able. So Anderson has a 33.33 percent PSI success rate, a 50 percent combat/phys success rate, and a 16.66 percent success rate to gain insight in situations (most probably using her PSI).

This game mechanic is grabbing my attention more and more. Curse you, John Harper! 🙂


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