The Three-Class Hack: Whitehack character classes for The Black Hack

So, my conversion of Whitehack classes to The Black Hack. Interesting story.

I’m not a very patient man. After I had contacted the Whitehack author, Christian Mehrstam, on Google+ and by email, I waited for a full week for a reply. Any reply, actually. But for some reason, he didn’t come back to me.

Please understand that I have the utmost respect for Christian, for publishing the most beautifully designed/crafted rulebook I’ve ever seen. I don’t intend to step on his toes. But the character structure of Whitehack is simply too good to not be adapted to other OSR systems.

So, to make it perfectly clear: The Three-Class Hack is a FREE publication. I had planned to publish it as pay-what-you-want (being very well aware of the abysmal „profit“ I would make), but then I figured, what the heck, I’ll just slam it on my blog so everyone who’s interested can download it.

Without further ado: Please enjoy. And play more games.


Click me, I’m a download.


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