Into the Odd: Slick Thames — new cyber-augments


Art by Josan Gonzalez

Tactical: roll d66

11 Asphyxiator – filters airborne particles; WIT to allow double action for a minute
12 Recor-neas – record and playback visual; enhances perception
13 Subdermal kevlar – provides Armour 1
14 Phase unit -if active attacks against you are impaired but you take d4 damage when you move
15 Metal arms – as d6 weapon; melee weapon attacks enhanced
16 Fingernail razors – as d8 weapon
21 Blue Tooth – can connect locally to tech, comes with small drone
22 Broadband scanner – know direction and distance of local tech
23 Gridcompass – works like GPS on internal software
24 Threat radius – grants awareness of organic danger and intent to harm
25 Spidexterity – finger filiae for rapid typing
26 Refibrilator – capacator shock from the palm, BRAWN or knock out for a minute
31 CyberModem oder SatUplink: you use your built-in sat uplink to hack
32 Combat Module: gain (level) enhanced attacks per combat
33 X-Ray Vision: look thru walls and shit
34 High Jump Booster: 10m high, 20m leap
35 Camo: +1 to SINEW rolls when hiding/trying to blend in
36 Voice Stress Analyzer: +1 to WIT in negotiations/Voight-Kampff tests (thanks, Brian)
41 ToxScreen: survive toxic environments, detox body
42 Safe Fall Mod: survive falls of up to 150 feet (50 meters)
43 Biomonitor: +1 to resist torture
44 Kerenzikov Boosterware: +1 to initiative, permanently
45 Sandevistan Speedware: +2 to initiative, for 5 rounds; activated by inhalator
46 Tactile Boost: +1 to fine-motor skill tests
51 Olfactory Boost: +1 to all tracking/smelling attempts
52 Pain Editor: the first loss of BRAWN points does not require a BRAWN test
53 Vehicle Link: +2 to all tests involving driving/piloting
54 Smartgun: +1 to damage with guns that are smartgun-adapted
55 Machine/Tech Link: control of autofactories and machines
56 Chipware Sockets: you can run WIT/2 skill chips (skillsoft emulate skills and add +1 to +2 to appropriate attributes)
61 Pacemaker Coprocessor: restarts your heart after Black ICE has flatlined you
62 Echolocation system: see in complete darkness
63 Decentralized Heart: roll 5 or lower on d20 to survive with BRAWN 1 after you have lost all BRAWN points
64 Grafted Muscle: +2 STR
65 WetDrive: data storage in your brain
66 EndoFrame: reinforced skeletal structures; +1 BRAWN, +1 to melee damage

Cosmetic: roll 1d20

1. Thumb drive
2. Flamegout mohican
3. Innerearphones
4. Neon tattoo
5. Polyfiber proboscis
6. Wirehead: pleasure multiplier
7. Stainless steel skingraft
8. Exposed wetwork
9. Gain implant
10. Forearm app store
11. Bargain bin exoskeleton
12. Colour-phasing irises
13. Skinwatch
14. ChemSkin/SynthSkin: color-changing skin
15. TechHair: color-changing hair
16. Kill Display: 3-digit subdermal display
17. Turn-On Nails: color-changing nails
18. TV-Skin
19. Furry-Looks
20. See-thru Skin


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