The new kid in town: „Macchiato Monsters“, by Eric Nieudan


This won’t be a review, but just a short description of my combat experiment with the all-new, super shiny and devilishly good oldschool-y game called „Macchiato Monsters“ (because it mixes Whitehack, The Black Hack and a couple of real old-school games into a smooth, very tasty blend).

You can order the game (preliminary, to-be-added-onto pdf now, or that, plus a print version) at Paolo’s webstore here:

MM really combines the freeform of WH and the simplicity of TBH. I just ran a fight between four skeletons and Shortnose Rootworth, my Dwarven Spiritualist with combat training.

He managed to blast them with his „Cloud of Combustion“ spell, and then immediately stormed in, weakening two of them with a good blow of his rapier.

Then, ultra-close quarters combat ensued. Again, Shortnose pulled off a disadvantaged spell, this time „Thunderhead“, which he used to area-effect-headbutt („ex-poloding headbutt-ah“, to use Japanese wrestling language) the four hapless skeletons, crumbling two of them to dust in the process.

He finished with two extremely lucky attack (STR) rolls and lives for another day.

So, so, so, sooooo good!


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