Answers to some pressing and not so pressing questions.


(Or, to be more exact, not very pressing questions, but things that interest me personally)

1) What to play: The Black Hack (TBH) or Macchiato Monsters (MM)?

The Indie Hack (TIH). Nope, just kidding. Chances are, if you’re into TBH or MM, you might not get a very great mileage out of TIH. You know, because TIH really is, well, indie/forgey in nature.

So, back to your question: Black Hack or Macchiato Monsters?

It depends, really. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but there you go. It mainly depends on how creative you want to get with character creation.

If you’re pressed for time, or if you like to choose from a lot a boatload of different character classes, then I’d recommend The Black Hack. You want to play a barbarian? Easy-peasy, just pick the class, copy the specialties and stat block onto your sheet, roll dem bones and you’re good to go.

If you’d like to get creative, like off-the-well-traveled-path creative, you need some advice to hold your hand, and this is where Macchiato Monsters shines.You really can create anything and everything you want, like a Minotaur Dungeon Architect or a Half-Gnome Circus Strongman or a fucking Barbarian-Poet from the Frozen North or something. If you choose MM, know that character creation will take longer, especially when you are playing with rpg novices. There’s a real danger they might suffer from creative freedom paralysis, so be aware of that.

If you want to try something new (as opposed to the typical oldschool/OSR feeling), then the way to go is The Indie Hack (or my Advanced World of Dungeons). The Indie Hack comes complete with seven character classes that are typical and topical for sword&sorcery games, and in case you need more classes, writing one is a piece of cake. In contrast to TBH and MM, you compete for narrative embellishments („details“), so as a TIH player are comparatively more powerful than TBH or MM players.

The really cool thing is this, though: You can easily take TBH character classes and pop them into MM; the same is true vice versa.

To include TBH or MM classes into TIH requires a bit more work, but it’s my experience that it takes maybe five minutes longer — so, totally worth it.

2) I forgot the second question. Shucks.


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