The Indie Hack: War Bears!


I know he’s carrying a sword, but I just LOVE that image.

So, +Chris Kutalik’s awesome War Bears. Love ‚em. I’ve already translated them for Advanced World of Dungeons, now I’m doing it for +Slade Stolar’s The Indie Hack.

Again, TIH has little (if anything at all) in common with The Black Hack. It’s a very modern, „narrative“ game that happens to be a sword&sorcery game.

Alright then. War Bears, TIH style, inspired by Chris.

The War Bear

You are a proud Soldier-Bear. You stood alongside Ostrovan pikemen, Kozak horse-archers and Northland atlatl-men, and you fought because it’s your birthright and mission to fight. To this day, you fight.

Questions (answer 2): What is it like to hold a heavy polearm in your paws? What does your mother think about your profession? Why have you abandoned your best friend?

Class Attributes: Tough [+1], Precise [ minus 1], Clever [0]

Natural Aptitudes: (choose 2) Fighting Humans, Tactics, Strong

Positive Details:

– My Very Own Polearm (proficient with all types of polearms)

– Attract Warband (Skill: Test Clever: Attract a group of experienced warriors who are willing to team up with you)

– Master Bruin (Skill: Test Tough: Create an area of gemütlichkeit and peace around you. This lasts for a few hours)


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