The Indie Hack: Apocalyptic Driver


Mad Fucking Max and Indie Hack. ’nuff said.

The Apocalyptic Driver

You have no clue what happened to you, but vehicles, and engines, the stench of exhaust pipes and the perfume of gasoline, just *do* something to you. Something intensely personal, and something that lets you become part of the machine, the beloved machine. You are not a driver, you are Driver. This is you. This is your life.

Questions (answer 2): Who or what is your best friend? When you rev the engine, what’s going on inside you? Now or the time before everything changed — what do you prefer?

Class Attributes: Tough [0], Precise [+1], Clever [-1]

Natural Aptitudes: (choose 2) Vehicle Combat, Small Firearms, Repair

Positive Details:

– Horse Power (Skill: Test Clever: Increase top speed and acceleration of any vehicle by 1d20 percent)

– Stunts (Spell: Test Precise: When controling a vehicle, you can escape seemingly inescapable, hopeless situations)

– Metal Offspring (Skill: Test Clever: Build working prostheses from parts of any vehicle; 1d6: 1-5 the vehicle remains intact, 6 the vehicle does not work any more)


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