Tatzelwurm: Old-School 2d6 game, good to goooooo!


Oh, it’s taken a while, but it’s all good now. Tatzelwurm, my 2d6 oldschool game, is ready to be played 🙂

I sent out review copies to the play testers yesterday. Now I’m waiting for feedback. The Tatzelwurm rules harken back to the early to mid-1970’s, but the focus of the game is early 1980’s German roleplaying games. The game system itself is based on the tried and true Blood of Pangea rules, with lots of variations and modifications. It plays fast (for instance, one roll determines not only if you hit, but also the quality of your hit, as well).

One of the highlights is probably my all-new clerical miracle system — this is something I developed several years ago, and I haven’t seen anything similar since.

Tatzelwurm — available soon on rpgnow.


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