minimald6: All rules variants

Ever since I released minimald6, there was (for my tastes) a huge burst of activity, and authors and players started writing games for it. This makes me really happy — gaming is important for happiness! This little post here collects all the known rules variants of minimald6. Hopefully, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

regular minimald6

  • disadvantage: success chance 33 percent
  • normal: success chance 55 percent
  • advantage: success chance 70 percent


minimald20 variant 1 or whatever you may call it

  • roll 1d20
  • disadvantage: roll 14+
  • normal: roll 10+
  • advantage: 7+


minimald20 variant 2 or whatever you may call it

  • target is always 10
  • disadvantage: 2d20, take lower
  • advantage: 2d20, take higher


minimald6 wyaul hyoiwto variant (our old freeform homebrew system)

  • roll 1d20
  • target varies, usually roughly 11+ for average challenges, 15+ for difficult ones, even higher for really difficult ones)
  • disadvantage: 1d20-5
  • normal: 1d20
  • advantage:1 d20+5



  • Roll 2d6
  • +1 to the roll for advantage of any kind
  • -1 to the roll for a major disadvantage
  • A 6 or less = fail, things get worse!
  • A 7-9 = success, but temporary, incomplete, or with a drawback.
  • A 10+ = full success.
  • A 2 (double 1): Aces! Something really bad happens! The Ref says what. However, if the character can later reveal how “it’s all part of my plan” or puts a foe “right where I want them!” the next roll is made at +2.


minimald6 unpunished variant

  • 5+ is a success, one success is a partial, two is a complete success, three is a critical success. Can roll 4d6 in some cases



  • Roll 1d6. 4-6 Succeeds. (50% chance of success)
  • Disadvantage: roll 2d6 and ignore the higher die. (25% chance)
  • Advantage: roll 2d6 and ignore the lower die. (75% chance)

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