Mirrorshades Cover for OBS

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Mirrorshades uses David Black’s The Black Hack rules and takes them for a ride into hardcore cyberpunk territory. Using Mike Evans‘ Cyber-Hacked as a foundation, the Mirrorshades rules present a complete, stand-alone game.

  • Choose between 10 different character classes
  • Play a netrunner and hack into hostile computer systems
  • Build your own cyberdeck
  • Use our complete rpg drug creation system
  • Design your characters‘ cyberware from the ground up — simple and easy
  • Use 20+ random tables to flesh out your game world

Simple, super-flexible, customizable, fast-playing, robust and in-depth.

If you are a fan of Shadowrun, you might be interested in The Seattle Hack. It’s a free supplement for Mirrorshades that emulates the Shadowrun world.