Pink Mohawk

It’s cyberpunk and magick, not a superhero game, for fuck’s sake.

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Pink Mohawk Rulebook Cover

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Pink Mohawk Character Sheet

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Pink Mohawk combines the world of Shadowrun 1e with the brilliant narrative mechanism of (Advanced) World of Dungeons.

This rulebook in English language contains:

  • 17 archetypes (classes)
  • complete creation system for typical cyberpunk drugs
  • simple experience system
  • elegant and simple rules for magick (talismongery, spellcasting and conjuring)
  • rules for decking (yes, it’s decking, not hacking, greenhorns)
  • Random tables for names, cyberware, vehicles, cyberdecks, weapons, ammunition, alcohol, band names, bars, chemicals, cigarettes, cocktails, companies, demons, drugs, gangs, mobsters, herbs, office buildings, simsense movies, small towns, snacks and videogames
  • Shadowrun slang
  • language list
  • character sheet