The Black Hack


Wham Krak Swish is a simple add-on for combat, using the The Black Hack rules system (OSR/OD&D). Critical hits get replaced by special effects and combat styles. Choose between 12 styles. Print-ready pdf file, 8 pages. Click to get magically transported to the online shop.


The second edition of The Three-Class Hack, with the two official, additional classes. So, it should say Five-Class Hack, but that’s ridiculous. Free download after the click.



The Three Class Hack is a free rules add-on for The Black Hack. It ports the genius three classes of Christian Mehrstam’s Whitehack to TBH. It’s a free download, an homage to the elegance that is Whitehack. Click to download.


Bavarian Black Hack House Rules Cover klein

Fellow TBH enthusiasts, I promised you the house rules document in its entirety — and here it is. Please note that this is a purely amateur, non-commercial product that uses two tables and a remixed cover illustration that ARE NOT MINE.

The file has been formatted for booklet printing. Enjoy. And please give feedback.Click to download.